Recent Products

Mint Sauce
This contains apple jelly and very little vinegar
Apple and Cider Chutney
Sweet Chutney made with Local Honey and Cider Good with cheese and cold cuts

Welcome to PERKS PICKLES Website!

After years of commuting back and forth to the city I decided to set up Perks Pickles after being inspired by several stallholders at a farmers market. I already used a particular farmer to get my vegetables from, as I trusted the quality and provenance of his produce so I thought I'd take things a step further.

I started making pickles and chutneys for friends and family and after some great feedback; I managed to get a regular slot at several farmers markets to start selling my produce.

Every jar is made with great pride and quality, using recipes passed down from my great grandmother and modified over the years. I know the providence of every ingredient and can assure any customer that only the best produce makes the final cut.